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If the answer to your question is not here, please check the support forum for the answer. If you are still unable to find the answer, create a new post on the forum with your question.

General Questions

Who are you?
1121.org Hosting is run by two people: Noelle Keyser and Chris Russell. We're both in our twenties, have jobs, and have years of experience running a variety of things -- from work projects to online projects.

How can I contact you?
If you have a question about something general that you'd like to know, I'd encourage you to post the question on the support forum. There's no need to register before posting. This is just because you might ask something others are curious about as well. If you would rather talk more privately about something in specific, please send all general inquiries to hosting@1121.org. Please be sure to read the FAQ below before sending your email.
Pre-sales Questions

Why are you so cheap?
We at 1121.org Hosting are not offering this service to make a profit. That is the defining line between us and other hosting companies. We are leasing a dedicated server for personal use, and the server costs a lot for us to run. Therefore, we decided to offer some inexpensive hosting plans to offset the cost of the server.

Why should we trust you to run a reliable server?
As mentioned above, we are running this server for our personal use. The admins here run a total of six domains (two of which are extremely popular) as well as numerous websites under those domains off of this server. Because we are working hard for our own websites, you can be assured we are working hard for yours as well.

What kind of content/sites do you allow?
We will host any material that is legally allowed to be hosted.

Is there anything I can do that will cause my account to be deleted immediately and without a refund?
Yes. If you try to hack the server, use the server as a spam relay, or if you use the server in the commission of a crime.

Do you keep backup of your customer's data?
We keep a backup of the entire dedicated server through an identical harddrive. We make these backups on a daily basis, and keep them for one month. However, it is strongly encouraged that customers download their backups through their CPanel, as we can not be held responsible in the extremely unlikely event of a full loss of data.

Where do you stand on privacy?
Information collected is for our purposes only. We will not sell or give your information to anyone except where required by law. We will not look into your files or read your emails unless required to do so by law. Your privacy is assured with us.

How do I make payments?
When you've signed up, you will recieve an email with the details of how to pay. But for reference, if you are making a payment through Paypal, the email address to send payments to is hosting@1121.org. If you are paying by check or money order, address them to Noelle Keyser, and send to:

188 Main St Apt 1
Orono, ME

Please be aware that e-checks and personal checks will not be considered "received" until the funds are cleared.

Will you put ads on my site?

Are there any forbidden types of scripts?
Yes. IRC bots, proxy servers, or anything that uses excessive memory or processor usage. We reserve the right to disable a script running on the server if it violates these terms.
Account Related Questions

Can I upgrade my package?
Yes, by all means. If you ever want to upgrade your package or switch from a subdomain to a domain, please email us at hosting@1121.org with your account details and the package you would like to upgrade to.